The New No artwork and words

All the artwork you may have seen in a video by The New No is by Rodney Prosser (singer)

The art that goes with the music

The New No is a whole DIY thing really: Ben Leach creates all the music in his studio with real instruments and recording equipment that he knows like the back of his hand. I do the lyrics and then sing and speak them on top. I also create the art for The New No. I consider lyric writing to be a reaction to an event or feeling. I have been writing since I was eight. I have tried poetry, fanzines, songs and even written three mini novels : Eduardo (a drug smuggling clown), Fanzines and Band Stuff) about 1983-1990), Montoza (about a Mexican who becomes famous in the 80’s). When I was bored I would write because I was rubbish at football and also because I enjoyed it. I like John Steinbeck and rock biographies and punk stuff.

Painting is my way of transferring ideas from my head into a real world thing. I used to cheat by tracing pictures of sexy women but now I prefer to draw them myself. I dig colour and feel awake when around colourful things. Below is the cover I painted for our single “ My Life in the Cartel”

A lot of the fleeting images in The New No videos are from acrylic paintings that I do. I spend a bit of time every day working on a canvas. I get through a lot of green and blue. My work is visible on instagram at the following page @paintings.rodneyprosser and @colour_cheeks

Blog entry by Rodney Prosser (The New No)

“My Life in the Cartel – The New No

Release date 11/11/2022

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Artwork by Rodney Prosser (The New No)

Ben Leach (the only thing he can’t play is Ice hockey)

Rodney Prosser (I wouldn’t call it singing)

Ben Rodney