The stories that drive the songs by The New No

“My Life in the Cartel” – The New No release date 11/11/2022

The single “My Life in the Cartel” by The New No is the first of many. Written about the nefarious activities of a villain ” Kenny Dog Leach” taking revenge but not showing any emotion. The song weaves through a few facts about Kenny’s life telling us he was a Queen’s Guard; this reference is told in the way it was told to me in real life in quiet voice. The reality is that the guards were always drunk and couldn’t have fired an accurate shot. Then weaving through the inevitable fact that you do get disrespected in life. This comment is heartfelt “I don’t like being disrepected but it can happen”, this is a comment of our times. This remark is the backbone of British society in particular that of violent males. The self respecting villain sitting at a table opposite me in a pub one evening in Stoke Newington at a charity gig where I was a stand up comedian said “where’s that cabbie, I swear I’ll stab ‘im with a screwdriver if he ‘aint there in five minutes”.